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funworld successfully realises a multi product strategy!
Published:  03 December, 2008

In January of this year funworld repositioned itself as a multi product company and introduced a modern umbrella branding concept. The four product brands of PHOTO PLAY, Touch Toy, BET-solutions and fun|select have since that time been offered under the umbrella brand name funworld, which vigorously expanded the product range.

"Our reorientation as a multi product company has enabled us to intensely expand our product offering and establish ourselves in related business segments, such as the sports betting sector. We offer operators a broad product line, which provides them with substantial profits in addition to access to new markets and target groups," emphasises Josef Öhlinger, CEO funworld ag.

PHOTO PLAY - Tournament system and multiplayer are guarantees for success

PHOTO PLAY's success is closely linked to the international PHOTO PLAY MASTERS tournament system, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary last October. funworld currently has the industry's largest tournament system, in which a global community regularly competes.

The integration of multiplayer into PHOTO PLAY has also generated additional success. Multiplayer is a special "head-to-head" player function, in which players compete against each other either in real time after each other as in Backgammon or at the same time as in Find It. The new challenge function makes it possible for up to four players to play at the same time and play credits.

Innovative developments and successful cooperations

In addition to a wealth of innovations in game management, such as the optimised surface, the fresh menu design and the new demo-mode, PHOTO PLAY 2009 also scores points with modern Internet applications, which make external Internet content accessible. It is thus already possible in Germany to call up darts league content from the German Sports Machine Association (DSAB) and to post score sheets.

"The future-oriented DSAB login enables operators to offer their customers an additional service and significantly increase the time players spend in the location. Previous requests from darts enthusiasts from all over Europe show that funworld once again has its finger on the pulse with this concept and has lived up to its role as an innovator," says Thomas Keitz, Managing Director of funworld Germany and Head of International Marketing and Sales of funworld ag.

In addition to the DSAB login, the YouTube offer and BET-solutions betting shop can also be accessed on the PHOTO PLAY terminal through other Internet applications, which is also possible internationally.

Touch Toy - Innovative approach generates new target groups

In cooperation with educators funworld has created a new educational and entertainment offer for children, which can be operated with or without coins. Touch Toy has designed an innovative concept, providing operators with access to classic AND new target groups, such as banks, doctors' surgeries, shopping centres and furniture centres.

Innovations in sports betting

The touch2win II betting terminal from BET-solutions is a unique product with a double monitor and ergonomic design, offering a broad spectrum of sports betting, such as live betting and racing events. touch2win II is already quite established in Germany, where it can be used as either a betting terminal or as PHOTO PLAY via sophisticated risk management.

BET-solutions with funstation is also offering a brand new innovative: a surfing table with multiple applications, which include sports betting, selective PHOTO PLAY games and classic surfing on the Internet. Moreover, funworld has recently brought an attractive betting shop onto the market, which - as a PHOTO PLAY 2009 Internet application - has provided players on the terminal with access to the BET-solutions sports betting offer.


funworld distributes the Stacker prize machines from LAI-Games under fun|select as a general agent in nearly all of Europe. Stacker is meanwhile represented in 14 European countries as the ideal successor to crane grab machines, whereby Germany and France are the countries with the strongest sales. Stacker, with its simple game principle, is of great interest for the Tetris generation and particularly well suited for bowling centres, cinemas and shopping centres.

The Touch DJ music jukebox has likewise been offered under fun|select since autumn. Touch DJ targets young people above all and ensures the best musical atmosphere in pubs and eateries. Its music offer can be individually designed and regularly updated so that it is always state-of-the-art.

New Internet presence with strong support

The new funworld Internet presence also since recently reflects the vastly expanded product range. Detailed information on all products and product groups is available at

Outlook for 2009

For the coming year funworld is planning the successive expansion of the product brands and the introduction of further product innovations. "We will also continue to consistently pursue our multi product strategy in the future and impress our customers with unique products, as they have grown to expect from us," emphasises Öhlinger.

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