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EAG Expo Preview- New products
Published:  25 January, 2012

The Strip features four impressive screens simulating a giant strip. It employs touch technology and a high-definition camera for video and voice recordings, as well as having Internet capabilities to send the images to email accounts or social networks. “The size and design are great for any location,” said Tarres. “It can fit into any fashionable store, even a small jewellery shop or similar specialty store.”

The Wall Strip, meanwhile, has 12 screens simulating a video wall. Essentially it is three Strip machines joined together, but with only one camera. The machine in the centre takes the images, and the addition of the extra machines allows you to collage even more images. It’s excellent for corporate events.

The Mega Strip is a top-of-the-line photo booth printing one giant strip of 6x16 inches with four individual shots. Rugged, reliable, easy to maintain, and with HD picture quality, it will generate a considerable amount of revenue.

The Mega Strip, which is in a standard photo booth format, measures 76 inches high by 56 long by 34 deep. In addition to a full line of software options, such as wigs and hairstyles entered through a 22-inch touchscreen, the unit also features an exterior camera.

An upgraded version comes with four monitors on the outside which make it fun for customers to see themselves as they pass by the booth. This feature also attracts them to take their photos, which they can then send to Facebook or to their email address to keep this memory forever.

Having a customer on the inside of the booth taking their photos while at the same time on the outside of the booth another customer is taking theirs makes this photo booth one of a kind.   

The software is user-friendly and customisable, and has a large variety of frames, fun backgrounds, and features that any customer will enjoy. Its high-resolution camera and the size of the strip make this photo booth ideal for a wide range of locations.

Finally, the Fold ‘N’ Go is a full-featured portable booth that folds to a compact size. This is a genuinely portable photo booth that can be carried in a couple of bags and is easy to set up.

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